Home Again

We have triumphantly returned home! We are all getting used to our home lives again, day jobs, and the freezing Portland weather. Our Crystal Ballroom show opening for Alt-J was super excellent! Playing big venues all tour really prepared us for such a big crowd…Turns out over 6 weeks of playing almost every night on the road makes you play really well. Who would have thought?

Tour was more than we bargained for, good and bad! As many of you already heard, we totaled our tour van the first week of tour by hitting a deer in central Illinois. Luckily we were all completely unharmed, just shook up, confused and wondering how we were going to keep touring for 5 more weeks. We essentially had to start over on the road… a total nightmare for a bit. I had a lot of quality phone time with our insurance company, which I could have done without, but we were able to get them to extend our rental coverage to a full 30 days. Thanks to Banana Stand Media for setting up a donation page for us (immediately after hearing the news) and our friends and families being insaneeely generous–we had enough money to cover the last week of our rental vehicle. It was really humbling and heart warming to know that people back home believed in us and wanted us to keep going…so thank you all again so much.

The shows were a great success and we had so much fun with our new pals Slam Dunk and Built to Spill…we are looking forward to hanging with them again for their string of shows at The Mission Theater at the end of December.

Next up is our CD release show… TOMORROW! We are going to be playing our entire album beginning to end and having special secret musicians join us to play it as close to the recordings as possible. It’s going to be a special evening, indeed.

We have been getting great press for it here are links to what some folks around Portland had to say:


ALSO: Forgot to mention that we did a Daytrotter session while on tour and now it is UP! Check it out here.

A lot has happened since I last updated….more news soon.

Frozenly yours,

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2 responses to “Home Again

  1. Jesse

    You guys were awesome opening for Alt-J, thought I’d look you guys up!

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