Genders is a four-piece rock-post-pop-psych-what-ever-else band from Portland, Oregon. Consistently inconsistent, Genders plays whatever the hell they want. Comprised of super-pals Stephen Leisy on guitar, Matt Hall on bass, Katherine Paul on drums, and Maggie Morris on guitar and vocals…Genders focuses on feeling it and playing music that inspires them.

The past year was a huge one for Genders: they released their EP, were voted one of the Portland Mercury’s Best New Bands, went on a national tour with rock Gods Built to Spill, and released a critically acclaimed full-length album. Quickly gaining attention as one of the best live acts in Portland, Genders have more touring and recording plans up their sleeve for 2014.


“Easily one of the most enjoyable and catchy bands in Portland” -Apes on Tape

“Genders make furry, expansive rock that’s cozier than your favorite sweater; they’re responsible for one of the best live shows in town” – Portland Mercury

” Strikes a balance between pop and harder-edged rock, past and present, light and dark” – Willamette Week

“Genders’ first full-length, Get Lost, is a swooping, soaring, Pacific Northwest rock record etched on a grand scale, full of vast landscapes and elemental majesty” – Portland Mercury

” Strikes a balance between pop and harder-edged rock, past and present, light and dark” – Willamette Week

“Genders recently released self-titled EP is a paradigm of efficient success” -SSG Music

“They cannot be stopped. .. steadily winning over and inspiring everyone around them” -Portland Mercury

 For booking and other inquiries email : GendersPDX@gmail.com

16 responses to “About

  1. Doug Martsch

    Genders, I love your ep and I’ll put you on the list for a portland show. Just tell me which one you wanna go to.

  2. brianna

    GAH! I’ve been listening to your band the past few months and I decided to look up if you’re playing any shows in southern california and I JUST MISSED IT! SUPER BUMMED.

    • Hi Brianna! Thanks for listening!! Fear not… we will return to southern California in October, we are planning a pretty big west-coast tour :) Going to have a new album out by then for you, too!

  3. Jason Dorn

    You need to come to Seattle…

  4. Sylvia

    I just saw you guys at burgerville and you made my friend cry and you blew me completely away. I am so excited for your fall album. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Wowie wow! Holy wow! That’s so nice! That was a fun show, I hope you guys can make it to some more this month, the next two weekends are free shows, too :) So happy you liked it.


  5. Kerin Festersen

    Best band ever!!!!!!!!

  6. Dean LaHurd

    I just saw you guys last night at Cat’s Cradle in Raleigh, NC, and you guys are my new favorite band! After hearing you guys play, i knew i had to get an album; i was blown away, i seriously had butterflies. I didn’t have the 15 bucks but thanks to Matt, i was able to have it for $10! Have been listening to it nonstop and i will definitely come see you if you come back to Raleigh!

  7. Brett

    Nice work at the Urban Lounge.. Started with the teaser then blew it up. Looking forward to your return….

  8. Olivia

    Ever since i got to play with you guys for Best of Portland, my friends and i have listened to your music all the time! They’re our go to chill tunes as well as our go to dance songs. I cannot tell you how many times your songs have worked me out of a bad mood. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

    • Hi Olivia!

      Thanks for writing to us, you are so sweet! We had a LOT of fun playing with you all, I’m glad you enjoyed it. So cool that our music puts you in a better mood, that is one of the best compliments I have heard…so thank you! Hope you are still playing and rockin out :)


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