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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Knowing about sunscreen

Knowing about sunscreen with complete formula!

Sunscreen Knowing about sunscreen ,When our skin is exposed to sunlight In particular, the sunlight is stronger every year in our home, the skin cells will generate more melanin pigment. Until the skin becomes darker And some people may have problems with freckles, if exposed to a lot

How to prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss

A comb or brush should be cleaned at least once a week  Because of the dirt and oil residue in the nooks of the comb or brush. It could be a breeding ground for pathogens that re-enter our scalp and hair. Causing the accumulation of fungi that

Simple way to prevent hair loss

Take care of your health  Simple way to prevent hair loss. By exercising regularly to help increase blood flow throughout the body. Avoid stress, meditate, relax your mind. Not allowing yourself to be immersed in stress can help reduce the problem as well. It also helps to normalize

Causes of hair loss,

Causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss, The causes of hair loss in women are numerous. Differential diagnosis to determine the cause requires a thorough history taking and physical examination. In some cases, it may be necessary to have blood tested. Do an ultrasound exam Or cut small pieces of meat from

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How to cure wet armpits?

Wet armpits How to cure wet armpits? Wet armpit problems is another problem that often occurs, whether with boys or girls, which directly affects their personalities. Causing a lack of confidence and a lot of dissatisfaction Because in addition to being unappealing Sweat that flows to it also

How to get rid of armpit hair

How to get rid of armpit hair

Armpit hair removal  How to get rid of armpit hair,hair removal is a traditional hair removal method that is most painful. The equipment used only has one tweezers. This armpit hair removal method can completely remove hair from the root. Makes the skin smooth for a long time. But

How to cure smelly feet?

How to cure smelly feet? (2)

Drying in the sun and drying in the air In addition to the normal washing and cleaning.  How to cure smelly feet? If on the day you are free or you do not go out but lazy to wash your shoes up. Then bring the shoes to

How to cure smelly feet?

How to cure smelly feet?

How to cure smelly feet? Keep your feet clean Don’t just use plain or soapy water from the shower to run through your feet. But you should wash and rub the soap over your feet. Especially the crotch of the toes and heels, and then wipe your feet

Bad foot smell

I have a bad foot smell, what should I do

Foot odor Bad foot smell, what should I do ? Foot odor is still a big problem for many people who believe that all people have been faced with a ” smelly feet ” and then some. It is that who will have more or less a bad

Home formula treat

Home formula treat for the yellow nails

Soak in warm water   Home formula treat for the yellow nails. First way, soak your hands or feet in a tub with warm water + lemon slices. (May mix with a little tamarind water, too). By soaking it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse or