6 ways to take care of your hair.

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For many girls maybe have dry, frizzy, weightless, shiny hair and don’t know how to take care of your hair. Today we have techniques for hair care that you can do yourself at home. Guarantee that it won’t be long, soft and smooth hair. Weight and shine will definitely appear.Let’s go to take care your hair.

1. Massage your head when you wash your hair.

Whenever you wash your hair Should use fingertips to gently massage onto the scalp every time to stimulate blood circulation throughout the head. This method also helps the hair get more natural oils.

2. Comb your hair while it dries.

After washing your hair It is strongly advised not to use a comb to comb your hair immediately. Because while the hair is wet, the combing will cause the hair to break more easily than usual. It is also a time when hair is very weak. And the recommended comb should be a wide tooth comb. Because it will help reduce the loss of hair better.

3.Dry your hair properly.

I believe that there are many people who do not use a hair dryer incorrectly, which will cause damage to their hair without realizing it. Because the correct and best use of a hair dryer should be used to blow from the top to the bottom. from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair Because this method will help the hair scales line up naturally and also make my hair soft and beautiful. Most importantly, I will definitely not point out the frizz.

4. Always protect your hair from heat.

Before straightening your hair or curling your hair with an electric hair clipper Always protect your hair with a heat protectant product first. Because these appliances will destroy the moisture of the hair. Makes hair dry and split ends easily.

5. Eat nutritious food.

Good food is useful in addition to maintaining a healthy body. and help nourish the skin to be beautiful Did you know that it also contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair to be strong, shiny and weighty as well? If you want your hair to be healthy, you should eat vegetables, fruits and food from all 5 food groups. Avoid refined foods. and alcohol, as well as smoking. To reduce the destruction of the hair down there.

6. Protect hair from sunlight.

In addition to the electric hairdressing device that destroys the moisture of the hair. Sunlight is also a big enemy that can damage your hair and make it dry and frizzy, so protect your hair from the sun before going out with a heat protectant. And most importantly, wear a wide-brimmed hat or spread an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun on a regular basis.

How are you girls? with 6 ways to take care of your hair to be beautiful if you follow this regularly Healthy, beautiful hair as you wish will definitely be yours. And if it’s good for more deep nourishment, girls may find time to do some hair treatments at least 1-2 times a week is best.