7 causes of insomnia and fixing tips

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7 causes of insomnia and fixing tips. “Insomnia” Getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors in life. The need for sleep of people is not the same because it depends on age. Babies need 16 hours of sleep a day, teenagers need 9 hours a day, adults need 7-8 hours a day.

7 causes of insomnia and fixing tips.
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But today’s life cycle is changing rapidly. People have different lifestyles from the past. leading to birth “Insomnia” or Insomnia, which has many forms of symptoms such as insomnia Insomnia, waking up all night waking up in the middle of the night waking up early and waking up not refreshed, etc.

 7 causes of insomnia

  1. environmental problems Noisy, too bright, or too cramped make it difficult to sleep
  2. Illnesses such as abdominal pain, body aches a sleep disorder have respiratory problems, cough
  3. Stress, anxiety, pressure, or symptoms of depression and discouragement, discouragement, hopelessness in life. consider yourself worthless Being overly attached and selfish
  4. Alcohol, caffeine in coffee, cigarettes, or certain drugs can affect sleep.
  5. An empty stomach causes discomfort. hungry late at night or too full causing abdominal distension in the middle of the night until unable to sleep
  6. Sleep conditions such as sleepwalking, nightmares, or habitual insomnia
  7. Work duties that need to change the sleeping time regularly, such as nurses, guards

How to deal with insomnia

– Make the bed appropriately Comfortable, suitable for sleeping, quiet, the temperature is cool enough. should not turn on the television and if you really want your body to rest Turn off all communication devices. There will be no noise while sleeping.

– Relax muscles before bedtime, such as massage to relax the body. warm bath

– Avoid daytime sleep or taking medications that cause drowsiness during the day

– When you feel sleepy, you must go to bed immediately. Go to bed at the same time every night. On time, your body will remember the time to sleep.

– Avoid heavy meals or food that is difficult to digest before bedtime because it will cause stomach ache due to acid reflux symptoms On an empty stomach, eat light meals such as small bread crumbs, warm milk, or fruit juice.

– If you can’t sleep Go for light activities such as reading, listening to music, or meditating. When you feel sleepy, go to bed.

– Before going to bed, your brain should be clear and clear, not bringing stress, pressure, disappointment or regret to think. Relax your mind before bed. Use scents to help you sleep, such as vanilla, lavender. Eucalyptus, patchouli, or chamomile that helps to relax Relieves stress, calms the mind, clears and relaxes.

– Avoid drinking coffee. Caffeinated tea or soft drinks, as this can cause insomnia. and reduce sleep efficiency cut down on alcohol Although it helps with sleep If too much can affect the body.

– exercise regularly But should not exercise before bedtime. Because it will cause the body to be awake and unable to sleep.

– Consult a doctor or therapist Sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and counseling may be recommended. Or have a practice schedule to practice sleep therapy. Accroding to ufabet