Causes of hair loss

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Causes of hair loss, The causes of hair loss in women are numerous. Differential diagnosis to determine the cause requires a thorough history taking and physical examination. In some cases, it may be necessary to have blood tested. Do an ultrasound exam Or cut small pieces of meat from the hair loss area And sent to investigate the cause This is to know the root cause of the problem and find the right treatment. The causes of hair loss, thinning hair and baldness are divided into two main groups: scar-free (Nonscarring Alopecia) and scarring Alopecia, which without scarring is the most common and will come from 2 causes.

 Causes of hair loss,

Heredity is most common in about 90% of women with baldness and thinning hair causes of hair loss.

 The most common symptoms are thinning or baldness. Which is often found in the middle of the head As for the front hairline, it will not recede as in men. Which can be divided into 3 levels of severity:

Level 1 started to have thin hair, but not much. Will be clearly seen following the hair screeching Hair will begin to thin and thin. Can be treated with drugs first There is no need to grow hair.

Level 2, the hair is more and more thin until I begin to see the scalp. Middle baldness Began to expand more than ever before. It can be treated by hair transplant method Then should use drugs to delay or prevent the original hair loss more Otherwise the original hair will become thinner. Until you may have to come back and grow your hair again

Level 3 The hair is very thin that the scalp can be clearly seen. The area of ​​baldness extends to the sides surrounding it. Can be treated by using drugs in combination with hair transplantation But the results were not very good Since there has been a lot of hair loss already Wearing a wig is another option.

Other causes,  which are found in about 10%, there are many reasons. But the most common causes are Alopecia Areata, Toxic Thyroid Disease, some skin diseases (such as leprosy, scalp fungus, psoriasis), anemia, kidney disease. Chronic, syphilis, hypothyroidism, SLE, PCOS. Also self-withdrawal psychosis (Trichotillomania) stress, weak health, tightening of hair. Too much over time (traction alopecia) can also cause hair loss, etc.