Causes of stretch marks

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Stretch marks

Causes of stretch marks , Believe that many young people may have had some troubling problems before. Especially women after childbirth. Some people are so stressed that they don’t dare to wear the swimsuit that they used to wear. Because he didn’t want to show off the stretch marks And have to pay to buy a new dress that covers the skin more completely than before.

Treatment with stretch marks may help to fade them in some way. But will not disappear permanently If you want stretch marks to heal permanently. You will have to pay a lot of money on modern dermatological treatments by a specialist dermatologist. Whether it is laser shooting and carboxy operation, it can fade stretch marks. However, once done, it must continue to apply cream until it becomes a habit.

Causes of stretch marks

Stretch marks or stretch marks are easily noticeable marks. Also known as ” Stretch marks ” or ” Striae ” in medicine.This is a type of lesion that occurs on the skin and has a distinct color to the rest of the skin. The cause is due to the tear of the dermis. Skin stretches rapidly in that area where stretch marks occur on the middle dermis. 

It usually occurs in areas with a lot of fat deposits. Such as the abdomen, breasts, breasts, navel, upper arms, thighs, hips and calves. The most people experience this problem when they are young and into adolescence. Because it is a growing age or caused by a rapid increase or decrease in body weight.

Until the skin is not able to expand in time For example in adolescents who grow up quickly or are overweight Or in a group of bodybuilders whose muscle mass grows rapidly Including a group of people who lose weight quickly.  Also The stretch marks in up to 90% of pregnant women. because of the enlargement of the pregnancy and causing stretch marks of the abdomen and thighs. Other causes can also be caused by certain diseases. Such as chronic hepatitis, Marfan Syndrome, etc. 

The first symptom of stretch marks is that the skin will be red or purple lines (first stage) and will gradually become lighter in color until white (later). Stretch marks may be healed in time. Therefore, you need to keep observing your own skin regularly. Now let’s see that How do we treat stretch marks on the skin.