Do you eat fat beans? Can it help you lose weight?

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          Let’s talk about peanuts. Whether it’s boiled or roasted beans, they’re both easy and cheap to eat. It is classified as a high-protein snack, in which 100 grams or 1 tick contains approximately 29.7 grams of protein. People who are losing weight may choose to eat nuts instead of various snacks because nuts are high in fiber and protein. Helps to fill the stomach, not hungry quickly and does not feel like wanting to eat sips So it’s probably a good weight loss aid. Plus, nuts have good fats. Helps reduce bad fat levels in the body But eating too many nuts can make you fatter. Because peanuts are high-calorie foods, in 100 grams of energy, 538 kcal.

Do you eat fat beans?

          So with the question Do you eat fat beans? would be able UFABET to answer without having to calculate that If you eat boiled peanuts or roasted peanuts in moderation, you will not gain weight. But if you enjoy chewing Eating type: 1 small pack of crispy beans (about 45-50 grams) or 1 bag of boiled beans, all at once Will get more than 200 kcal of energy, which is more than the energy from 1 ladle of rice (80 kcal) a lot. Let’s just say that if you eat that much Eating a plate of rice may still have fewer calories.

What’s wrong with eating nuts?

          Besides eating too many nuts, it can lead to obesity. Eating a lot of nuts can also cause frequent farts. Because nuts contain oligosaccharides. (Oligosaccharide), which is a component of the type of sugar that is difficult to digest. The small intestine can’t be absorbed like other sugars, so the oligosaccharides fall directly into the large intestine. The bacteria in the colon then react with the oligosaccharides. To help the body get rid of this type of sugar. This process produces a large amount of gas. until the body must be released in the form of air blowing or farting However, frequent farting because eating nuts is not dangerous for the body to be worried about. But it can be annoying if in public. and may only spoil the personality

          However, eating peanuts should be wary of aflatoxin, which comes with the fungus that is embedded in peanuts. And other dry foods such as flour products, chili powder, cashew nuts, cassava, vegetables, dried fruits, dried fish, dried shrimps, shrimp paste, dried coconuts, dried onions, dried garlic, peppers, sesame, which if the body accumulates a lot of this substance, there is a risk of chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis. Liver cancer and can affect the kidneys And the heart can increase.