How to cure smelly feet? (2)

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Drying in the sun and drying in the air In addition to the normal washing and cleaning.

 How to cure smelly feet? If on the day you are free or you do not go out but lazy to wash your shoes up. Then bring the shoes to dry in the hot sunlight by letting them dry frequently or to dry every day. It will be able to help get rid of the smell in the shoes quite a lot.

How to cure smelly feet?

Maintain hygiene in a shoe cabinet Another issue that should not be ignored. 

Because even if it is the shoes you just bought, when it is stored in a shoe cabinet that has accumulated for a long time. A new pair of shoes can also cause problems for you. Therefore, you should not let your shoe cabinet pile up. Should always wipe the cabinet clean. Or you can use herbs to deodorize as well. By hanging it in the shoe cabinet or put it in the shoes at all As for shoes that are still wet, they should be dried before putting them in the closet.

Socks and shoes size Should be worn in a suitable size.

When wearing it, it doesn’t feel too tight or impressed. This is because it can cause ingrown toenails, corneal ulcers and less ventilation inside the feet. Which of these is the cause of the musty smell.

Sock type Should choose to use the one made from natural fibers.

 Especially socks that are 100% cotton because they will help ventilate better. And should not choose to use socks that are too thick The animal socks are too warm. Which would not be suitable for feet that sweat a lot Nylon socks should also be avoided.

Always wear socks If you have to wear closed-toe shoes

 You should always wear socks. Because socks will help absorb sweat Make your feet less damp. Thus helping to reduce the occurrence of foot odor

Take off your shoes often during the day if you’re not out of the office or having a formal event. 

Try removing your socks or shoes to get your feet bare on some sandals or casual shoes. This will help keep your feet and shoes dry. And reduce the occurrence of musty smell.