How to cure smelly feet?

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How to cure smelly feet? Keep your feet clean Don’t just use plain or soapy water from the shower to run through your feet. But you should wash and rub the soap over your feet. Especially the crotch of the toes and heels, and then wipe your feet dry. Nourish with a rich cream or petroleum gel to help moisturize the skin of the feet. But what should be careful.

 How to cure smelly feet?

Exfoliate your feet, scrub the heels and niches of every inch with a foot scrubber along with the feet scrub. 

By scrubbing in circular motions, massage all over the feet. Especially around the rough skin and thicker than other parts Or you can choose to use the Pumice Stone to scrub the hard skin as well. After scrubbing, rinse with normal temperature water. Dry your feet And apply nourishing cream all over the feet To do this once a week. This will keep your feet cleaner and will also help relieve stress.

Use soap that helps deodorize

 such as Dettol soap, Bennet soap, Ing-On soap, Madame Heng soap, etc. to wash and clean your feet instead of using regular bath soap. Or wash your feet with tea tree oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil + sea salt. It helps to deodorize feet as well. Because it has properties in killing bacteria But be careful when using it if you have sensitive skin. And do not use peppermint oil If you are pregnant.

Clean and care for the health of nails. 

Keep your nails short. And should be careful with cutting nails to be straight to prevent ingrown toenails. Which is one of the reasons that can cause bad smell in the feet The claws under the nails, especially the nails in the thumb. It should manage to clean and smooth, do not let the rest and should wash your feet and pat dry every time.

Always wash your socks, stockings, and shoes. 

This matter is very important. You should regularly wash, clean and dry. Because bacteria are the culprits that cause odor For washing the shoes thoroughly If it’s sneakers First, soak Dettol in water mixed with disinfectant, let it sit for 20 minutes, then wash it with detergent as usual. Bring to the sun to dry completely. Because if not dried, it will cause a bad smell easily. As for the socks that have been worn, do not wear them again. Once removed, immediately wash and dry. Do not leave it to accumulate bacteria. Before washing the socks You should soak it in hot water for about 30 minutes to help kill bacteria and loosen the dirt easily. Then wash with detergent as usual Finally, you can also soak in fabric softener to improve the fragrance. And then dried to dry completely