How to cure wet armpits?

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Wet armpits

How to cure wet armpits? Wet armpit problems is another problem that often occurs, whether with boys or girls, which directly affects their personalities. Causing a lack of confidence and a lot of dissatisfaction Because in addition to being unappealing Sweat that flows to it also causes an unpleasant smell. Causing human beings like us to be embarrassed to almost run away from each other.

How to cure wet armpits?

In most cases, heavy sweating is caused by sweat glands that produce more sweat than normal. As a result, the armpit area is always wet. For anyone who is facing these problems Don’t let your wet armpits upset the self. Let’s hurry to deal with all these problems better. Because it is considered a treatment and remedy for fever on the spot Which can assure you that Your wet cuckoo problem will be gone. And it definitely helps to regain confidence!

How to cure wet armpits

Take a shower regularly  You should bathe regularly at least twice a day because Thailand is hot. Which makes it sweat a lot Especially those who like to play sports or exercise in the evening You should shower after sport to wash off your sweat and take another shower before you go to bed.

Try not to sweat If you know you are someone who is easily sweating It should be careful not to sweat. By choosing to be in a well-ventilated place.

Choose to wear loose clothes. Clothes that fit too tightly can lead to extra sweat. Because there is not enough ventilation Ideally, you should choose a size clothing or bra that, when worn, is comfortable to move around. There is some space left between the body and the clothes.

Sanitary pads can help.This method might be a bit strange. But it is also a very effective home remedy, suitable for people who sweat a lot. How to use just put a small sanitary pad attached to the shirt area of ​​the armpit.