How to cure yellow nails

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How to cure yellow nails?

Nail file 

How to cure yellow nails ,The first step is to wipe the nail or nail file clean. Then wipe with alcohol Then use a white block to scrub the nails with fine texture. Rub it over the face of the nail thoroughly, then gently file the nail, then rinse it off with clean water or rubbing alcohol. Followed by applying nail treatment at the base of the nail and rubbing gently, then applying a clear, pink, clear nail polish or base Coat to finish off again.

How to cure yellow nails

It is good to have some rest on nail polish.

 Even if you are a person who likes beautiful colors and patterns on your nails a lot. But applying nail polish regularly will keep your nails from being exposed to air. And make the nails yellow harder than before So if anyone does not want to have beautiful nails It should let the nails rest for 1-2 weeks and then turn to nail care is better. Just as this yellow nails will gradually come back bright as before.

Apply cream to nourish nails and hands regularly. 

At present, there are creams, lotions, especially for hand and nail care. No need to mix with body cream anymore. If you are someone who loves nail polish Should buy some for the house Because in creams for applying hands and nails often contain ingredients that help maintain healthy hands and nails. And make nails healthy, such as vitamin E or concentrated lanolin.

Nail nourishment is important. 

Usually our nails grow by about 0.5 mm each week, but sometimes they grow by just 0.05 mm or about 1.2 mm faster depending on food eaten, temperature conditions and overall health. With nails being thick, strong, not easily brittle, partly depends on food and health. So you should focus on eating foods rich in calcium, such as milk, tofu, yogurt, asparagus, spinach, red beans, red meat, eggs, oysters, etc.