How to get rid of armpit hair

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How to get rid of armpit hair

Armpit hair removal

 How to get rid of armpit hair,hair removal is a traditional hair removal method that is most painful. The equipment used only has one tweezers. This armpit hair removal method can completely remove hair from the root. Makes the skin smooth for a long time. But this method may not be suitable for people with large armpits, which can even be withdrawn. But also aching neck and eye pain It may also cause blisters like chicken skin. TT (This method hurts the most Approximately 1-2 weeks of rising)

Armpit shaving

 is one of the most popular hair removal methods that are easy, convenient and fast. After applying the shaving cream, lift your arms up and start shaving from top to bottom. And from side to side But to keep your underarm skin smooth without hair. You’ll want to shave every few days, as the hair can still grow back, however shaving can also increase the risk of skin inflammation from razor blades. In addition, the hair that grows after shaving looks like a burr. Stabbing the skin and causing itching In addition, some people also suffer from ingrown hairs. Plus the hair that comes up to look black and thicker than normal withdrawal as well (This method hurts very little or not at all. Approximately 2-3 days of rising period)

Armpit wax 

Both hot wax (Using a paste and then peeling) and cold wax (a patch and pull) Waxing is a hair removal that has a satisfactory result. Because it can get rid of hair up to the root Makes the skin smooth for a long time. Some of which may last for 1-2 months ever. But this method has a small disadvantage or side effect, it is pain while being waxed. (But it only hurts for a moment Because after that, it will be numb, haha) and the hair should be at least 1 cm long, so it will be suitable for hair removal with this method. (This method hurts enough. About 3-4 weeks)