How to maintain dehydrated skin.

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Dehydrated skin can be nourished and restored by changing lifestyles. Focus on adding moisture to the skin instead of adding oil to the skin. The easiest way is Drinking enough water to meet your body’s needs, typically 8-10 glasses per day, includes these methods.

  • Choose the right skin care products. Avoid using soap. and use a moisturizer that helps add water to the skin or contains natural extracts such as aloe vera
  • Reduce or refrain from alcohol, coffee and caffeine.
  • quit smoking
  • regular exercise (While exercising, drink water every 20 minutes.)
  • get enough sleep
  • eat more fruits and vegetables

If you try to change these behaviors and your skin problems still haven’t improved. UFABET That might mean really Then you have dry skin. I don’t have a problem with dehydrated skin. You should consult your doctor or dermatologist. To analyze your skin condition and obtain advice on skin care and product selection.

Dehydrated skin? Initial test at home

You can easily check your skin’s moisture level first. with a light pinch on the back of the hand or cheek If your skin is well hydrated The skin will be elastic and restored immediately after the release of the hand. But if you let go and your skin retains its original shape as it did when it was pinch, after a few seconds it will slowly recover. This means that you may be suffering from dehydrated skin.