How to prevent hair loss

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A comb or brush should be cleaned at least once a week

 Because of the dirt and oil residue in the nooks of the comb or brush. It could be a breeding ground for pathogens that re-enter our scalp and hair. Causing the accumulation of fungi that lead to undesirable hair loss problems

How to  prevent hair loss

Beware that if tie your hair too tight , tying it up, or making a braid that is too tight can harm your hair.

 Because in addition to causing the structure of the hair to be bent or deformed It may also injure the hair glaze indirectly. So, don’t try to tie or braid your hair too often, let your hair be comfortable, or choose a hairstyle that doesn’t pull in too much. Avoid wearing a hat It will help make your hair healthier to some. It also reduces the risk of fragile hair loss by another way.

Does not go to bed and tie my hair while my hair is still wet.

 This is because the fungus caused by moisture will clump together on the scalp. If left for a long time, the moisture will spread to the pillow and become a fungus that infects your head. It causes the scalp to smell musty, itching and dandruff, making the hair roots unhealthy. In the end, the hair will become fragile and eventually fall out.

Stop using dry shampoo

 for girls who like to use dry shampoo frequently because they want comfort. No need to waste time washing and drying hair. It may also cause hair loss. Due to the use of dry shampoo to wash your hair, there will be residue remaining on the hair. Cause clogging of the scalp and hair. Until I couldn’t get any nourishment And the hair will fall off easily, so if you are not too rushed, it should be better to clean your hair by washing your hair.

Avoid expose to the sun

for a long time, especially between 10am and 2pm, UV rays are another reason that causes hair to lose moisture and damage the hair coating. Until it makes the hair brittle and easily shattered. Therefore, applying a hair serum containing sunscreen is another option that can protect the health of your hair.