How to reduce stretch marks

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How to reduce stretch marks ? The fiesy step is take good care of yourself.  Whether Turn to exercise regularly. Because exercise will help make our shape look good and the skin is flexible. It also helps to balance hormones in the body and help reduce the occurrence of stretch marks as well, eating healthy foods such as vitamin A, zinc (carrots, pumpkin, gourd, papaya, guangdong, morning glory), Vitamin C, vitamin D (milk, butter, liver, salmon), protein (various meats), etc.,

Also you try to control the food to not indulge your mouth, but if you want to see results. It is recommended to find a vitamin supplement to eat. Such as 500-1,000 mg of vitamin C per day to help build collagen, drink 8 glasses of water a day. To help add moisture and build resilience to the skin (But for some people with dry skin and dementia. Drinking a lot of water will not help you stay hydrated), and try to avoid beverages like tea and coffee. Dont take a hot shower and not scratching your skin. This will make the skin dry and stretch marks even more, try to avoid rapid weight gain or loss. Especially in risk groups such as adolescents, exercisers and pregnant women. (The more women who know that they are pregnant Should find a cream to apply early, because if waiting for the skin to stretch when How much cream to waved it would be difficult to come back as it was), etc.

How to reduce stretch marks

Apply a nourishing cream on a regular basis.

It is one of the first stretch marks that everyone thinks of. By focusing on applying a high-concentration nourishing cream on the stretched skin every day before bedtime and in the morning. Or apply every time after showering To help reduce and prevent the occurrence of stretch marks on the skin. And do not let the stretched skin dry out !! Otherwise, it may spread even further, and every time you apply, try to apply cream and massage your skin back up as well.

Cream to reduce stretch marks

Even better, turning to a skin-tightening treatment is another interesting option. Even the use of stretch mark treatment cream will not cause the stretch marks to disappear permanently. But it can help prevent and make stretch marks look fade satisfactorily. As for which products will get the best results, you have to ask the pharmacist at the pharmacy. Or if not really confident that the cream will be suitable for us and will actually work or not You may want to consult a dermatologist. Prescription medications often contain vitamin A to help stimulate collagen production and skin elasticity.