How to treat freckles on the face (2)??

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Treatment with hydroquinone 

How to treat freckles on the face. This drug can give good results and make your freckles fade very quickly. Because it can inhibit the formation of melanin pigment itself. But there are also quite a few side effects. That is obvious It may darken your freckles and blemishes in the sun if you don’t protect them. Importantly. This substance may change the tissue structure to weaken. Until the risk of skin disease that is more serious than the “ freckles ” that are including the risk of skin cancer. For this reason, the FDA prohibits cream containing hydroquinone for general sale. But only a doctor can pay a cream that contains hydroquinone. It can be mixed in the cream up to 2%. You see, it must be used with care.

How to treat freckles on the face

Mesotherapy treatment of histamine 

Mesotherapy principle is to use a small needle to inject the drug into the skin superficial to distribute the drug for the treatment of histamine into the layer of cells that are the problem. It will be injected into 1-2 mm deep, distance within 1 cm from each other, only in areas with freckles and blemishes. And will have to repeat injections every 1-2 weeks, the cost of doing per course is about 10,000 baht (in this way, if you want the results of the treatment to be satisfactory, it may be difficult I think that very much, it only helps fade your freckles.)

Freckle laser treatment 

This treatment is to shoot light waves down to the inner skin layers. To make the skin repair itself Along with the faster exfoliation of skin cells The results obtained are related to the money paid. Because there are many models of laser machines Quality and price vary, such as Q Switched Nd YAG, Carbon dioxide laser, Medlite C6, Spectra VRM, MDL, DFML Laser, SPM, Helios, DHL. Before you bring your face to the doctor for a laser treatment You need to make sure that you leave your face with a real professional. As there are many different types Each therapy may have different results (Photo: by PORRER).

IPL treatment (Intense Pulsed Light) is a machine that delivers light energy to the freckled skin area. 

The skin with a greater amount of melanin absorbs light energy and converts it into heat. Causing melanin pigment to be destroyed and reduced. It can make the freckle look lighter (but not fade away). If done a few or more sessions, but this treatment is quite costly and has the risk of side effects. Especially when treated by people who lack knowledge and expertise.