How to treat freckles

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How to treat freckles , Freckles are dark spots that occur on the face. They are brown in appearance and small in size. Most often on the face, neck and arms, it can be seen clearly in white people. Found since childhood And can become larger and darker in color as adults It can be said that the violence is developed according to the age.

The process that causes freckles, like melasma, is that melanin pigment malfunctions, causing the area to become darker. Most are caused by genetics and sunlight. The genetics are the ones that cause freckles from childhood. The sunlight is still the stimulus to become bigger and darker. It can also cause new freckles for treatment, but it must be understood first. Most of the time, they cannot be cured. This is because we

How to treat freckles

How to treat freckles

Avoid risk factors For those prone to freckles easily You have to start with prevention and cut out all risk factors. By avoiding the sun But if it is unavoidable, use a sunscreen that can help protect against UVA and UVB rays and have an SPF30 PA +++ or higher (if you need to expose yourself to the sun most of the day. Should apply sunscreen at least 2 times a day, this is to ensure that the sunscreen still has sufficient amount of sun protection), as well as the contraceptive pills that we take into it can affect freckles and melasma as well Therefore, if you want to contraception, you may choose to use a plaster-like contraceptive instead. However, you should consult your doctor first for further advice.

Choose to use a nourishing cream.  

In addition to protection by avoiding the sun. The use of skin creams that contain ingredients that help inhibit the formation of melanin pigment. Such as whitening creams Or various brands of anti freckles cream is another way to prevent new freckles and not make the existing freckles larger.

Reduce freckles with AHA (fruit acid) to exfoliate skin cells.

AHA can help get rid of old skin cells and help drive new skin cells to replace them. And in addition to helping get rid of old skin cells The melanin pigment will be removed as well. This method, although it is a slow method. But it is a safe method and can actually fade your freckles. The vitamin A can help accelerate the removal of epidermal cells, causing melanin pigment to be removed faster as well.