I have a bad foot smell, what should I do

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Foot odor

Bad foot smell, what should I do ? Foot odor is still a big problem for many people who believe that all people have been faced with a ” smelly feet ” and then some. It is that who will have more or less a bad smell. Don’t think of this as small as it can cause you to lose your confidence. And lose a good opportunity that comes into life Because you must not forget that Foot odor doesn’t just affect you alone. But it also affects those around you as well.

If your feet are the cause of unpleasant odors every day in a row, there is no more pain. Today we have a variety of ways to effectively deodorize your feet, many methods for you to choose from as convenient.

Bad foot smell

Causes of Bad foot smell

  1. Sweat glands on the feet Our feet normally have more than 250,000 sweat glands and they are the most sweat glands compared to the rest of the body. The sweat that is released is to keep the skin of our feet soft and flexible. Also, sweat glands on the feet can also produce sweat all the time. Which can produce up to 4.5 liters of sweat a week ever And this is why it is a major cause of foot odor.
  2. Wearing overly closed shoes, such as athletic shoes.
  3. Wear socks that are not 100% cotton as this will cause poor ventilation. Until causing a musty smell.
  4. Having hair on the ankles or the back of the feet is another cause of the musty smell as well.
  5. Caused by not keeping the socks, stockings and shoes clean and wearing repeatedly without cleaning.
  6. Wear socks or shoes while on your feet or socks / shoes wet.
  7. Caused by chronic ulcers on the feet.
  8. It is caused by pitted keratolysis or a bacterial disease called. The micrococcus Sedentarius, which is common in people who have to wear shoes for a long time, causing the feet to sweat a lot. Until it becomes damp And resulting in the skin’s outermost layer of the foot Resulting in a high alkaline value. Which is suitable for the growth of bacteria. This can cause the feet to form small holes and cause a bad smell. Due to the effect of digestion of the skin on the soles of the bacteria, the sulfur group is obtained. Which is a substance that causes a bad smell The foot smelly disease is common in 95% of males. Because men sweat more than women.