Influenza is a popular disease.

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Influenza is another disease that is common in Thailand. They can occur throughout the year. But the most prevalent outbreaks are during the rainy season and winter. Influenza can be divided into 3 types according to the strain of the influenza virus: A , B , and C. Influenza A is the most severe.

What’s the difference between the common cold vs the flu?

Influenza is an acute respiratory infection. Which is cause by a virus called Influenza virus of avian influenza caused by other types of viruses. That cause infections in the respiratory tract as well. The symptoms of the common cold and flu are similar. Such as fever, sore throat, and runny nose. But influenza is more severe. Such as high fever, body aches, exhaustion severe headache.

protection method.

The first thing should start with staying healthy. by eating nutritious food and getting enough rest. In addition you should take care of the hygiene of yourself and those around you. Such as wearing a mask when in crowded places to prevent infection and spread the virus. Including frequent hand washing reduces the risk of infection that can get on the surface of things and enter the body from eye, nose and mouth smears. As a last resort, it is recommended to have an annual vaccination.

Why get the flu vaccine every year?

The reason for having to get the flu vaccination every year. This is because each vaccination will only protect against the strains contained in the vaccine. The body’s built-in immunity to that strain will gradually decline over the course of a year, so that’s why we have to vaccinate the flu every year. To stimulate the body’s continue immunity and to build immunity against the new flu strains. That expect to have an outbreak that year contained in the vaccine as well. according to report by ufabet