Knowing about sunscreen with complete formula!

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Knowing about sunscreen ,When our skin is exposed to sunlight In particular, the sunlight is stronger every year in our home, the skin cells will generate more melanin pigment. Until the skin becomes darker And some people may have problems with freckles, if exposed to a lot of sunlight. It may cause redness or sunburn. Ultraviolet or UV rays in sunlight can also cause skin cancer.

Knowing about sunscreen with complete formula!UV type

Sunlight that penetrates the atmosphere into our world. There will be sunlight radiation that affects the skin greatly. Which will be divided into 3 large waves together, which are

  • The wavelength between 320-400 nm (long wave) is known as UVA rays. The penetrate deep layers of the skin or the lower layers of the skin. Destroys skin cell tissue and DNA (Can penetrate the clouds and glass as well) by destroying collagen and skin moisture. This causes the skin to dry out until deep wrinkles or wrinkles (++++), causing freckles (+++), melanoma (++) and dull skin (+).
  • The wavelength between 290-320 nm (medium wave) is known as UVB rays,  the rays can penetrate the epidermis only. Thus causing the skin to be red or sunburned Which is the main cause of our dull skin color Also known as ” sunburn ” (++++), skin cancer (+++), causing wrinkles (++) and freckles (+).
  • The wavelength range between 200-290 nm (short wave), we would call it UVC rays. Which nowadays can not shine much on the earth. Because almost all of it can filter by the ozone atmosphere that envelops our planet. Therefore there is no product for this type of radiation protection.

PA protection against UVA rays

PA, or Protection Grade of UVA, is a value that indicates the skin’s protective properties against UVA rays (UVA), and the + that follows is the skin’s protective ability. It can measure in times of the occurrence of dark skin (Skin pigmentation) .There are three levels of PA values ​​as follows:

  • PA + is able to protect from UVA rays 1-4 times that of normal skin. Or less protective
  • PA ++ can block UVA rays 4-8 times that of normal skin. Or moderate protection (indoor working)
  • PA +++ can block 8-16 times UVA rays, or very protective. (Working in the sun)
  • PA ++++ can block 16 times more UVA rays or very high protection. (Working in the sun all the time)