Panic disorder.

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    Panic disorder is a psychiatric disorder that is not well known to many people. Cause many people to get sick and not know it. Let’s get to know ready to explore yourself.    

Suddenly, his heart was beating fast, he was uncomfortable, his chest was tight, he couldn’t breathe, he was sweating, his stomach churned. And there was a fear that he was going to get a serious illness and was about to die, causing him to lose his consciousness even though he went to check his health and everything was normal. Or that sickness may not be physical symptoms. rather, it is a mental condition such as a panic disorder or panic disorder. that I want everyone to understand Along with checking the symptoms a little if we are or not.

What is panic disorder?

          Panic disorder is a type of mental illness in which the general public may not fully understand the nature of panic disorder. This is because panic disorder manifests itself as physical symptoms. Until the patient himself or someone close to him may think. That it is a symptom of a particular disease. For example people tend to see it as just stress or thinking too much. 

          Is a characteristic of the patient being a panic attack for no reason. Not facing or in any dangerous situation. Panic attacks are not dangerous. But often affects daily life such as fear of being alone. I don’t dare go anywhere alone or fear of relapse while doing various activities.

panic disorder

Panic disorder is caused by what?

          The cause of panic disorder is still unknown. But it is believed that there are many factors. Both physically and mentally as follows:

Physical factors.

          It may be cause by a malfunctioning part of the brain that controls fear call the amygdala. When even the slightest stimulus leads to abnormal behaviors and thoughts. Continuing to the work of various systems in the body. Similar to the anti-theft alarm system that sounds even when no thief or anyone touches it

          There are also other factors, such as heredity, substance abuse, and disruption of brain chemistry. or abnormal hormone levels It may cause chemical imbalance in the body as well.

Psychological factors.

          There is research confirming that People who have been through bad events in their lives. There is a greater risk of the chemical imbalance in the brain than the average person. especially in childhood that had been abandoned Being physically abused, raped, or experiencing other violent events in life can be at risk of having a mental disorder.

What are the symptoms of panic disorder?

          When panic attacks occur Patients will have symptoms observed as follows:

               palpitations, pounding heart

               Malaise, tightness in the chest

               Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing


               Stomach upset

               Numb hands and feet (cold hands and feet)


               Feeling like you can’t control yourself got 

               Scared like he was about to die or going crazy