Prevent Covid-19 That floats in the air how well?

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Prevent Covid-19 That floats in the air how well? When the droplets from a sneeze travel up to 8 meters, is 2 meters spacing enough?

Distance is still necessary, at least to protect yourself from the large droplets. Such as saliva or snot that may contain COVID-19, but to be safe from COVID-19 that hangs most in the air, ufabet suggests.

  • Refrain and avoid entering enclosed spaces. and areas where gatherings are crowded 
  • If you can’t avoid crowded areas It is recommended to wear a mask at all times. to prevent inhalation of infectious droplets into the body.
  • Regularly clean various surfaces, especially items that you carry, such as smartphones, notebooks, tablets, keys, key cards, etc. 
  • If going out in a crowded area When you get home, wash your hands, shower and wash your hair immediately. If possible, wash your clothes. to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that may be attached to the accumulated clothes spread in the room
  • For shops and restaurants, it is advisable to arrange the store to have more air flow. Open the doors and windows to allow air to circulate. and clean it every time before opening and before closing.

for masks to prevent infection with covid-19 mixed with air Don’t forget to choose a mask that fits your face. Wear it and leave no gaps. Covers from the nose to the chin. If wearing a cloth mask Make sure to select a filter that will help prevent water droplets from secretions.