Simple way to prevent hair loss

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Take care of your health

 Simple way to prevent hair loss. By exercising regularly to help increase blood flow throughout the body. Avoid stress, meditate, relax your mind. Not allowing yourself to be immersed in stress can help reduce the problem as well. It also helps to normalize the hormones in the body as well.

Eat a healthy diet. 

By eating 5 food groups and being hygienic (Add vitamins or minerals in the event that you do not have a complete diet) focus on protein foods. Especially soy protein Drink enough water or drink no less than 2 liters a day. Avoid foods containing MSG. Refrain from drinking and smoking.

The diet wrong way

 Protein is a very important nutrient for hair. Each day, we should get approximately 46 grams of protein or about 20-30% of the nutrients that the body should receive each day. If you’re losing weight with the wrong dieting routine by dieting frequently, there’s no doubt that your hair can become so fragile and easy to fall off.

How to wash your hair

 You should not wash your hair more than once a day before shampooing your hair. Try to wash your hair with plain water for 15 seconds before every shampoo. This is to help wash off the dirt stuck on the house first. Then use the shampoo to clean deeply And while washing your hair, you should not rub your hair or scratch your scalp vigorously, as this will cause an infection of the scalp. 

Stop washing your hair with warm water.

 Many people may feel happy when washing their hair with warm water. Plus, I think that washing your hair with warm water will help wash out more dirt that has stuck to your hair than normal temperature water. But in fact, warm water is the real culprit in harming our hair. Both make my hair dry and split ends. Dry scalp Until the hair finally became weak and easily fell from the scalp. 

Choose a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type. 

Choose a mild shampoo that contains organic ingredients and is not too alkaline. select a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. And full of nutrients that are beneficial for the hair Whether it is protein, calcium and other minerals that are needed to strengthen the hair.

Do not abuse the hair while it is wet. 

Brushing your hair vigorously is already very damaging to weak hair. Even if you’re still harsh on your hair while it’s still wet. Would be difficult for your hair to be healthy. Because wet hair is more delicate than usual. Therefore, combing hair or using a towel to wipe the hair vigorously to tie the hair while the hair is still wet. Can damage the coatings of the hair and the proteins in the hair.

Avoid heat styling.

 Regular hair drying or straightening. This is extremely damaging to your hair, as the heat from styling destroys the glaze and the proteins that nourish the hair. As a result, dry and damaged hair, split ends, fragile and easily fall off. Therefore, changing to use a hair dryer instead , choose to adjust the hair dryer mode to be a normal cool air Or, if you need to get a hot drive, hold it about a foot away from your hair, or coat your hair with a heat protection serum before styling. It will help prevent your hair from falling out.