Yellow nails caused by what?

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Yellow nails

Yellow nails caused by what? Believe that many young people who love to paint on their fingertips. By applying beautiful nail polish on a regular basis Should have encountered a problem with yellow nails that do not look bright for sure. Will wash each nail each time I have to notice the yellowness that appears on the nails ever. 

Today we would like to bring you good information to please girls with beautiful nails especially. With a solution to the problem of yellow nails to come back to be beautiful and healthy Let me tell you, it’s an easy way that you can do it at home without spending a single penny!

Yellow nails caused by what?

Yellow nails caused by what?

In most cases, yellowing of nails is often caused by the use of nail polish regularly. Use poor quality nail polish. Or that does not contain a mixture of sun protection Or paint nails without foundation first The chemicals in nail polish can damage the skin of your nails. Makes nails turn yellow to look less bright.

But if you are a girl who rarely does nail polish and nail care as well Damn nails, instead of a bright pink look. But is it yellow? This may be a possible sign that you may have diabetes !! Especially if you urinate frequently Plus I still feel tired and with symptoms of exhaustion. This one is even more worrisome. Because people with diabetes tend to have yellow nails. This is due to the fact that the sugar contained in the body is abundant with collagen and protein in the nails. Thus causing the nails to change from pink to yellow.

In addition, yellow nails can also be caused by other reasons. Such as heavy smoking, by using a finger to grab a cigarette ,by certain oral medications. Also a fungal infection under the nail and nail color is also a warning sign of many diseases as well. People with lymph node disease, thyroid disease, chronic respiratory disease. Certain liver and kidney diseases Or those whose body lacks vitamin E Often have yellow nails.