Danny Murphy was disappointed to Harry Kane.

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Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Danny Murphy was disappointed to see his youngster Harry Kane perform. A deception to get his opponents sent off in the 1-1 draw with Everton yesterday. There is no need for an England captain to reduce himself that much.

The game at Goodison Park, the atmosphere was tense, red cards for each side. Either Abdurai Doucoure of the home side in the 58th minute. Or Lucas Moura of Spurs received a direct red card after an ugly foul on Michael’s ankle Kane.

But the shot that seems to be the point is the midfield’s dismissal. ‘Toffee Blue’, who put his left hand in the chest between Harry Kane eye and left cheek until he staggered back in pain, received a red card from referee David Coot for the Mali footballer.

In the opinion of Murphy, an analyst during a BBC radio talk show, the 29-year-old should not have played such a spoof. 

Murphy commented. 

“It wasn’t strong enough to send him to the floor. He’s embarrassing himself.”

“Why does he have to play so big to get the other party in trouble? Because of any intention, Doucoure was fired anyway.” 

“It’s just a little bit of a thrust in the face, it’s not heavy to the floor, like a punch… but Doucure was astounded.” UFABET

“He knows the rules. He puts the team at a disadvantage.” 

“As for the case where Ken lies on the floor like that. It’s a shame…if my son plays like that. I will be the one to come out and apologize. Probably calling the child to attend a dark room training and making a cold face at him to let him know. That we don’t want him to behave like that himself. 

Doucure ‘s red card, if not appealed, will result in a three- match ban. Affecting his chances of escaping death as he faces Manchester United , Fulham and Crystal Palace.