Everton 1 – Spurs 1.

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Spurs unfortunately missed a chance to go into third after being leveled by Everton in the last minute. In the rest of the game, 10 players are equal.

English Premier League Football

Everton 1 – Spurs 1

Stadium: Goodison Park 

Sean Dyche’s Everton have turned in Demarai Gray in front of goal. With Alex Iwobi and Dwight McNeil up the line. While Spurs have Christian Stelli. This replaces Antonio Conte who was sacked. While the attacking line is still led by Harry Kane. 

Everton had a chance to win in the 10th minute from a free kick that. Abdoulaye Doucoure allowed Michael Keane to score from the right inside the penalty area. But the ball did not enter the frame.

Six minutes later. Spurs responded to Ivan Perisic, who had been fit enough to play. Passing the ball for Harry Kane to head in. But it fell out of range after UFABET

Everton had another chance from Alex Ewobi’s free-kick, allowing Abdoulaye Doucoure to head in, but it was still not on target. Then the first half ended with a tie of 0-0. 

In the second half, in the 58th minute.

The home team had only 10 players left when Abdoulaye Doucoure received a red card after smashing his hand, half pushing, half slapping in the face of Harry Kane, the visiting team striker. 

Spurs took a penalty in the 67th minute, Michael Keane, the home defender missed a kick, hit Cristiano Romero’s foot, causing the referee to blow immediately, Harry Kane took charge of the shot past Jordan Pickf. Nord went in decisively, leading 1-0.

Everton, who are younger, have some chances in the 73rd minute after intercepting the ball before Demarai Gray has shot from the left in the penalty area. The ball hits hard, but it’s right at Hugo Lloris. 

The hosts fought well and had another chance in the next few minutes. Demarai Gray flowed the ball for Isdrissa Ghana Gay with a right blow to the skull. Pickford had to round the tip of his hand before the ball wiped. crossbar

At the end of the game in the 88th minute, Spurs’ veteran winger Lucas Moura, who had just come on as a substitute for just five minutes, received a direct red card after an ugly foul on Michael Keane’s ankle, so both teams were left with 10 men.

Toffees go hard in the rest of the time, hoping for an equalizer. And came to success in the last minute from dragging to the front of the penalty area and hitting Michael Keane’s own blow, who hit the full point at 25 yards, sent the ball into the net, dripping to 1-1 

Then there was no goal to end the game, Everton split the Spurs points to enjoy 1-1.