Portugal did not hold back beating Bosnia 5-0.

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Portugal had already qualified for the next round, still went all out. Defeating Bosnia 5-0 in the Football Euro 2024 qualifying round. In a game where Cristiano Ronaldo scored 2 goals.

Portugal have already clinched a ticket to the final round with 7 straight wins. Still use star Cristiano Ronaldo to lead the team in attack. As for the Bosnian host, Edin Dzeko. The veteran striker is looking for the back of the net.

Just 5 minutes into the game, Portugal received a penalty when Joao Felix shot the ball into the arm of Adrian Barisic. So the referee immediately whistled before it was Ronaldo. Who played his 203rd national team match. He took on the responsibility of shooting and didn’t miss to make it 1-0 UFABET

Portugal made it 2-0 in the 20th minute when Joao Felix flowed the ball into the penalty area for Ronaldo to slip the ball over the goalkeeper. At first the linesman raised the offside flag. Before the VAR check ruled that there was no offside. Ronaldo had 2 goals from the beginning of the game.

The visiting team ran away 3-0 in the next 5 minutes. Gonzalo Ignacio placed a long ball into the penalty area for Bruno Fernandes to rest his chest. And put the ball down before hitting with full force and sending the ball in. The first post was satisfying. Ibrahim Sehich, the home goalkeeper was disqualified for all reasons.

In the 32nd minute.

The score flowed to 4-0 Bruno Fernandes followed and opened the ball from the right end of the line back to the middle. Ronaldo hit it but didn’t hit it completely. So the ball reached Chua Cancelo running to hit it full force. At the edge of the penalty area, inserted into the far post. 

Portugal got another goal in the 44th minute. Joao Felix sent the ball into the net. Which the referee initially ruled as offside when he ran over the line to open for Otavio’s friend. But VAR VAR Verifying that they were not offside. Portugal led 5-0 and ended the first half at this score.

66 minutes into the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Leao were substituted for a rest, with Diogo Jota and Pedro Neto coming on instead.

The rest of the time, Bosnia were unable to crack an egg. Resulting in the end of the game with Portugal winning 5-0, making a record of 8 wins in a row. Bosnia, being 5th as usual had to fight to advance through the Playoff Nations League.