Sabitzer leads Austria to 8th place advances to Euro 2024.

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Austria became the eighth football team to qualify for Euro 2024 after defeating Azerbaijan 1-0 thanks to Marcel Sabitzer winning penalty.

Austria plays the 7th match of the Euro 2024 qualifying round in Group F with a visit to Azerbaijan. And Austria has 13 points from the first 6 matches. Ranking 2nd in the group, 3 points behind leader Belgium.

Manager Ralf Rangnick’s team achieved their target of three points. UFABET With a 1-0 win over Azerbaijan thanks to a 48th minute penalty from Borussia midfielder Marcel Sabitzer Dortmund.

This win brings Austria up to 16 points, guaranteeing them top 2 places in the group. This resulted in a ticket to the final round from Belgium. Whose mission was accomplished since the end of the game. Defeating Austria 3-2 last Friday.

The seven teams previously qualified for Euro 2024. Include hosts Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Scotland and Turkey. 

Belgium also played in Monday’s home game against Sweden. But the match was canceled after just 45 minutes in the first half. After a Swedish fan was shot dead in central Brussels.

The aftermath of the Euro 2024 qualifying round, Group F, March 24, 2023. In which the Austrian national team The home team beat Azerbaijan 4-1.

In this game, Manchester United midfielder Marcel Sabitzer entered the field as a starter. And served as the captain of the Australian team before scoring 2 goals and 1 assist. With one of the goals he scored coming from a beautiful free kick. Let’s watch the clip together.